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Image by Eugene Chystiakov

Java Yachting Dinghies and Kayaks

Find out more about the Java Yachting Dinghies.

Below you will find brief details of the Java Yachting Dinghies fleet. 

From Topper Argos, RS Zest, Toppers, and Hartley-12s

Kids on Argos

2 x Topper Argos

The topper argo is a fourteen foot high performance dinghy designed for both adults and children to sail. The stable hull and sail size make it very controllable whilst still being fast and good fun. 


The argo is a fantastic training and day sailing boat. With a mainsail, Jib and Asymmetric spinnaker, this dinghy covers all aspects of proper dinghy sailing, and can take up to 4 crew.

RS Zest

Why the RS Zest is Ideal for Learning to Sail:


Its design makes sailing accessible to a wide range of people, including children and adults, ensuring that the learning curve is not too steep.


The stability and user-friendly features help new sailors gain confidence quickly, reducing the intimidation factor often associated with sailing.


As skills improve, sailors can take on more challenging conditions or add additional sails, allowing the RS Zest to grow with the sailor's abilities.


Safety features and the boat's design ensure that new sailors can learn in a safe and controlled environment.

RS Zest in the lake.jpg

12 x Toppers

A great boat for learning the basics of sailing and boat handling, the topper is one of the biggest international fleets an remains a fun competitive class.

4 x Hartley-12s

Modern two-man sailing dinghy suitable for training, and racing.

This boat is 3.7 metres long, carries a main-sail and a jib, has a high boom and centre-board, making it a very safe platform for teaching youngsters. 


The H12 has been exported to many countries and is used by holiday sailing companies and many of the leading sailing and training centres throughout the UK. It is used by many families and has more than achieved its position in the sailing world.

hartley 12 java.jpg
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