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Monohull Yachts

Mas Alegre

Bavaria 46 - Isabella

The newest addition to our fleet. This modern cruising yacht is ideal for charters. Equipped with modern electronics and instruments and large amount of storage space this is ideal for day charters and longer charters. 


Sailing boat

Swanson 36 - Awatea

This classic yacht is a great cruising boat for couples and small groups. The original design and layout is furnished with modern electronics and luxuries to allow you to cruise in style, whilst still keeping the appeal of sailing a true classic.

Mas Alegre sail boat with crews

Standfast 40 - Mas Alegre

This blue water classic racer was designed and built by Dutch boat builder Franz Maas in 1973. 


After Circumnavigating the globe, this beautiful yacht is now equipped with all the necessary equipment for charters and island cruising.

Sailing boat

Mumm 30 - Judy

This lively, lightweight monohull is great for day charters and overnight charters.

If you are the fun loving type and want some exciting sailing this yacht is the perfect choice.

Originally designed as a race boat, however still equipped with all electronics, cooking facilities, toilet and sleeping space.

Deben Lugger

Deben Lugger

This traditional sailing dinghy is perfect for day sailing. The original design has remained the same for many years, however nowadays modern materials are being used in the manufacturing. 

A great fun boat to sail.

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