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What is the best time to sail with regard to weather?

Thailand has great sailing conditions all year round. The monsoon season runs from May- October whereas the rest of the year is know as the dry season. During the Monsoon season the wind is usually stronger with some rain most days, albeit usually only for a short period of time.

What boats are available for charters and training?

Our diverse fleet of yachts is made up of Powerboats, Monohull yachts and Multihull yachts. All boats are available for charter and a number of the yachts are used for training courses.

What time do charters and training start?

Charters and Training usually start at 9.30am.

Where should we meet on the first morning?

For training and charters the meeting point is the Java Yachting office in Boat Lagoon Phuket or Boat Lagoon Krabi.

Where can we start our sailing experience?

Our Bases in Phuket and Krabi offer ideal starting points for your sailing experience. If you wish to start from another location for a charter we can also arrange this. 

What items should I bring for going sailing?

Suitable clothing for hot weather and good sun protections is vitally important. A good pair of shoes with non marking soles are also advised.

Can you accommodate for food allergies and medical needs?

All charters and training can be tailored to to accommodate for both food allergies and any medical requirements. Please advise us in advance and we can arrange all necessary resources.

What are the different routes during the dry season and monsoon season?

During the dry season the ideal sailing grounds are to the west of Phuket and Krabi and during the Monsoon season to the East.

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